Rokia Bamba & Wendy Jasmine Henchiche


Rokia Bamba
DJ and Sound Designer


Wendy Jasmine Henchiche

Rokia was one of the first Belgian voices to talk about, broadcast, and comment on Hip-Hop music on the airwaves of free radio stations in Brussels. By launching herself as a DJ, she made the choice to use her talent for Afro-feminist, anti-racist, LGBTQI groups, and collectives.

In 1992, Rokia co-founded “Full Mix”, the first hip-hop, funk, and R&B radio show on Radio Campus. She is also a composer and sound director and is involved in a multitude of projects
at the crossroads of her artistic and activist commitments, which continue to emerge in different artistic fields and add to her abundant palette of creativity.

After studying English-Chinese translation and a master’s degree in political science, Wendy Jasmine Henchich began her professional career as an interpreter at the Belgian Embassy in Beijing before working in communication and events in European affairs in Brussels.

In 2020, Wendy Jasmine resumed her studies in associative management while working at Lagrange Points, an association in the Marolles district that promotes the arts of the Arab world. She then created Yǔzhòu宇宙 (a Mandarin word meaning “universe”) in July 2021 with the aim of sharing music through monthly events.