Paméla Malempré & Bénédicte Ehx


Paméla Malempré
Aubergine Artist Management


Bénédicte Ehx
Be Alive

Pamela Malempré organized the Belgian Jazz Meeting in 2017, before working as a press officer for a year at Igloo Records. For the past three years, she has been an artistic agent, tour
manager, and press officer at “Aubergine Artist Management”, an agency working in the jazz sector where she works with a team to organize the strategies, tours, album releases, and
press campaigns of various artists.

She also co-founded the Shapes no Frame label and is one of the founders of the Fédération des Bookers et Managers Uni‧e‧s (FBMU), with about thirty agencies based in the Wallonia Brussels Federation.

Bénédicte Ehx has been in the music business for seventeen years. She has worked for the company “Next Step” for over fifteen years and has been heavily involved in its development.

Over the years, Bénédicte has acquired solid skills in terms of concert organization and artist booking. Bénédicte is now carefully and passionately developing projects within her own organization, SUPER KARMA.