Journée d'atelier du MEWEM Allemagne à Leipzig

Mentees and mentors of MEWEM Germany met for a whole day of workshops and networking in Leipzig at the end of October. It was the third group meeting of the German mentoring program run by VUT. 

The day at the German National Library started with a workshop on negotiation strategies by coach Susanne Diemann. Part of the day was also a moderated exchange in which mentees and mentors talked about their experiences as women in the music business. 

A highlight of the day definitely was when mentees and mentors went on a guided tour through the German Music Archive. The archive collects and archives music in order to preserve it for posterity and make it available to the public. Its collection currently encompasses more than two million works. These also include historic sound carriers such as shellac records, phonograph cylinders, and piano rolls for self-playing reproducing pianos. 

The day ended with a networking event at Leipzig’s UT Connewitz venue where Saxony’s creative industries association “Kreatives Sachsen” presented their new department on pop music and invited music business professionals from all around the region to mingle and meet MEWEM participants.

Thanks a lot for having us to the German Music Archive and Kreatives Sachsen!