Greta Vecchio & Maureen Vanden Berghe


Greta Vecchio
Nada Booking


Maureen Vanden Berghe

Greta is a project manager, booker, and manager. After graduating in Communications and completing an internship at PIAS Belgium in 2012, Greta quickly joined the Nada Booking team where she is now responsible for production, management, and booking.

She also comanages 62TV label projects and is a member of the Music Commission. She has also worked at Strictly Confidential publishing as a Copyright & Royalties assistant.

Following a Master’s degree in journalism in Brussels (IHECS), Maureen Vanden Berghe specializes in managing artistic projects. An executive producer and in charge of supervising the post-production of documentaries for five years, she subsequently became responsible for coordinating concert productions.

In 2021, Maureen co-founded the booking and management agency “Julia Camino” with Damien Aresta,
adding the role of artistic director to her skill set. Maureen also makes occasional forays into the world of podcasting with the series “at this moment”.