Elise Phamgia & Cindy Aguad o


Elise Phamgia
Live Europe


Cindy Aguado
Glaïeuls Paradise

Based in Brussels since 2016, Elise has built an expertise in international cultural cooperation projects between Paris, Lyon, and Montreal. In 2018, she took over the coordination of
Liveurope, the first pan-European initiative which aims to support iconic concert venues in their efforts to promote emerging artists on the European scene.

Cindy Aguado has worked in the socio-cultural sector for the past fifteen years as a journalist, communications officer, production manager, broadcaster, and event organizer. She has developed several projects, notably with the theatre company “Bête Noire” and the Brussels Circus School.

In October 2014, she created Glaïeuls Paradise which offers intimate concert evenings in a cozy setting to promote attentive listening and gatherings around music. At first, from 2014 to 2016, the concerts were held in her apartment before they started touring in 2017. In 2021, she is developing the “Aux pieds des Glaïeuls” project, a podcast extending the intimate concert experience which offers a sound postcard of the evening.