Who We Are

Mewem Europa is a project led by la Fédération Nationale des Labels Indépendants – FELIN, based in Bordeaux (France) which brings together French (Le LABA), German (VUT – Verband Unabhängiger Musikunternehmr*innen e.V), Belgian (WBI – Wallonie-Burxelles International), Austrian (MICA – Music Austria), Romanian (Raw Music) and Spanish (MIM – Mujeres de la Industria de la Mùsica) partners, to help tackle the problem of professional inequalities between women and men in the cultural and creative industries. We are all specialists in the music industry and are all convinced that there is a lack of visibility and recognition of “female talent”.

The partners each decided to organise mentoring programmes in their respective countries aimed at promoting women’s access to management positions and entrepreneurship, as well as developing the managerial skills of women/young professionals in the music industry.

MEWEM EUROPA works in partnership with…

FÉLIN – Fédération Nationale des Labels Indépendants

FRANCE (Bordeaux)

Based in Bordeaux (France), FÉLIN promotes and represents the work of independent labels since 2009. It works on concrete solutions with all the actors of the music industry, to strengthen cultural diversity and general interest.


FRANCE (Bordeaux)

Based in Bordeaux (France), LABA, since 2013, is a center of expertise specialising in European funding in the creative and cultural sector. It helps organisations to identify, raise and manage European funds, helping them in their internationalization strategy and in their local development strategy.

MICA – Music Austria

AUSTRIA (Vienna)

Based in Vienna (Austria), MICA is an independent, non-profit association, created on the initiative of the Republic of Austria. It provides information on the Austrian music scene, supports Austrian-based musicians with advice and information, promotes Austrian music nationally and abroad, and improves the conditions for music productions in Austria.

MIM – (Mujeres de la Industria de la Música)

SPAIN (Madrid)

Based in Madrid (Spain), MIM is a feminist organisation founded in 2016, by music industry professionals in Spain. Its objective is to generate visibility, to highlight and to reverse the issue of gender inequality through action that aims for equal salary, treatment, opportunities and access for all women in the industry.

RAW Music

ROMANIA (Bucharest)

Based in Bucharest (Romania), Raw Music is an association founded in 2018 that supports activities similar to an export office for Romanian artists. It facilitates the establishment of links between Western territories and Central and Eastern European countries and Romanian musicians’ access at major European showcase festivals.

VUT – Verband Unabhängiger Musikunternehmer*innen e.V.

GERMANY (Berlin)

Based in Berlin, VUT represents the interests of the independent entrepreneurs within the German music industry. VUT is committed to the interests of the independent music industry, with its authors and performers at the core and offers its members a wide range of consulting, information and other services.

WBM – Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques

BELGIUM (Brussels)

Based in Brussels, WBM is a public agency specialized in supporting exports for the Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s Music Industry in Belgium, founded 1984. It helps artists, producers and publishers from the French-speaking community of Wallonia and Brussels to make their mark in the musical creative industry.