Olga Juverdeanu & Alexandra Roșca


Olga Juverdeanu

Olga Juverdeanu is the General Manager of Global Records, the fastest ascending music label in Romania. Through her career she has proven that, regardless of the field you work in, passion and professionalism are the most important ingredients.

With professional studies in finance and an MBA in Business management, Olga has worked both in management roles, in completely different fields in entertainment, and as a management and financial consultant. The differences between the roles she has had over time, as an external consultant and as an executive and decision maker in a business, led to the crystallization of her desire to get involved in the management of a growing company, to be able to experience both the satisfactions and all the challenges of such a journey.

Getting closer to the entertainment field came from the role of external consultant, which determined her to discover only the tip of the iceberg and the complexity of a business that works exclusively with people and for people, a business to which she became irretrievably attached. Moreover, this step was the perfect opportunity to discover an area where people are extremely beautiful both intellectually and spiritually.

Since 2016, her entire activity has been related to Global Records, where she started as Head of Finance and Legal. A year later, Olga was promoted to General Manager. It was an interesting decision for the shareholders of a purely creative and artistic business perfective, to give such a mandate to a person of “numbers” and not to someone in the creative or communication area. This step gave her the opportunity to develop exactly in the area of human interaction and to apply many of the things that she has learned only on a theoretical level so far. The discovered recipe for success is to continuously create a space for development, both for herself and especially for those in the organization she works for.

During all this time, the Global team has grown significantly, from 8 employees in 2016 to over 50 today.

Olga is convinced that people excel when they love what they do and she wants to help as many young people as possible to discover their passion for this industry.


Alexandra Roșca

Last year amid a pandemic, when the lights were turned off on world stages, Alexandra set up an independent record label with her brother, the artist Mischa Blanos. Each release at Longcut Records was designed to have a story to tell, a definite concept, or an activist message. Although she believes that you can find quality music in all genres, she resonates with a more non-commercial sound, from jazz, ambient, techno, to modern composition and film music.

The 3 released EPs step on these musical niches, where “A chair in the museum” by Alimori is from the techno, clubbing area, followed by two releases with messages from the social activism area. “The Four Seasons. Altered” is a collaboration between Alimori and Dragusin, a techno environment in which the 4 songs transpose the seasons through piano, synths, and modular, issuing a warning on nature altered by man. Then, Ioana Selaru made her debut with “A mind of your own”, a modern composition for violin and synths, an invitation in the world of music that also narrates the artist’s struggle to enter the world of film music composers, a compact industry and not at all inclusive for women.

Before embarking on this path, Alexandra gained more than ten years of experience in communication and PR, which helped her a lot in the new company, although the industry in which she worked the most was in the field of FMCG. Equally beneficial were the studies related to SEO and the experience in digital marketing in an e-commerce start-up. Regarding her academic background, she is a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism. She sees this program as an unexpected help because she is at the beginning of the road and has no experience in the music industry.