Anca Lupeș & Anna Zsuzsánna Báthory


Anca Lupeș

Anca Lupeș – is one of the most experienced professionals in Romanian music business. One of her most important advantages is that during her career in the music business she has activated in almost all the areas of this industry – mass media (press, radio, TV), concert organising, record companies, management and booking agencies. Due to her extensive experience, in 2006 she started also teaching Music Business in Romania. In 2009 she becomes the first Romanian music business professional to graduate the Master in Music Business Programe from Berkelee College of Music (Boston, USA). The same year she becomes part of an international music business consultants network – Musiconsult. Currently she is partner and CEO at Star Management, a 360 degree company specialised in services for artists and the music industry established in 2004, and board member of Star Education, an NGO having as main objective to support Romanian artists from the field of music.

In 2016 she founds the first Romanian music business conference – Mastering The Music Business. She is the pioneer of music business education in Romania.


• since July 2009, she is an authorised course trainer

• since June 2009 she is certified Master in Music Business by Berklee College of Music.

Organiser & course trainer for music business courses and master classes of int’l artists & specialists

Courses & conferences:

• Between 2006 – 2008 she organises and teaches first private course for artist booking and concert organisers as part of a programme called The Showbiz Academy. Both courses are authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Minstry of Education.

• starting with June 2015 she organises and teaches a 16hrs course called “Music Industry Explained” consisting in basic information about the structure of the music industry, copyrights, music promotion, income sources etc and “Online Marketing For Independent Musicians (and their teams)” about online promotion and monetizing strategies.

• in February 2016 she founds and organises the first edition of the international music business conference Mastering The Music Business, this year at its 6th edition.

Master classes:

• master class Steve Vai (three times Grammy award winner – club Tribute, June 2013)

• master class Benny Rietveld (bassist and music director for Carlos Santana – club Jazz Book, September 2014)

• master class Jennifer Batten (guitar player for Michael Jackson’s live concerts for 10 years – club Tribute, March 2015)

• master class Erik Zobler (two times Grammy award winner sound engineer – studio Ines, October 2017)

• master class Matt Lawrence (Grammy award winning music producer – Avanpost recording studio, december 2018)


Anna Zsuzsánna Báthory

Anna Zsuzsánna Báthori has been Vizi’s manager (singer-songwriter at Hahaha Production) since 2013 and co-founder of the Eat.Buy.Local and Wizard Transylvania project. During her time in the music industry, she has dealt with almost all the aspects an artist needs, including booking, tour management, creative concepts, PR, video, and music production.

She likes to help people around her realize their dreams. She is open to challenges and is looking for experiences that will help her learn continuously.