Stefanie Schumann & Fatemeh Sarebanha


Stefanie Schumann
Stefanie Schumann founded her agency Delicious Tunes in 2012. With Delicious Tunes Stefanie Schumann provides artist management, concert booking and tour production for African Artists touring internationally. In the early beginning she worked for a record label from South Africa building their branch on the European territory. Further she was a founding member of the anti-racism concert series Music for Goals in collaboration with the German soccer association. In 2019 DT set up a publishing division and since 2021 Delicious Tunes is a fully registered record label as well. For Stefanie the most exciting aspect is the development an artist career where she shapes the talent and creativity into a whole package. Her roster presents strong female artists and powerful bands with the highest artistic quality. Music from Africa has stolen her heart and her goal is to bring the beauty to the world.


Fatemeh Sarebanha
Faravaz was born as Fatemeh Sarebanha in Teheran and started her career in music at the age of 12. She learned to play instruments and then discovered her life’s passion: singing. She became an independent singer with a variety of music releases in pop, jazz, folk and fusion. The music has been widely welcomed and appreciated by a national and international audience.
Besides her career as vocalist she is one of the youngest leaders and activists for women rights in Iran, where she founded the right to sing campaign for female vocalist. She was forced to leave her home country due to her campaign and immigrated to Germany during a tour. Since then, she continues to produce music, sings and contributes to women rights with regular appearances in international media.