Marie Delaby & Alix Hammond-Merchant


Marie Delaby
Universal Music Belgium


Alix Hammond-Merchant
NaFF label & management

Marie Delaby has always been passionate about music and is a Product Manager at Universal Music Belgium. After a master’s degree in public relations at UCL and internships at PIAS and Nada Booking, she joined Back in the Dayz as a project manager, where she worked with Romeo Elvis, Caballero & JeanJass and Todiefor.

She is also involved in producing music videos and audiovisual content such as High & Fines Herbes. She takes part in the production of concerts and festivals, became a booker for YellowStraps in 2018, then joined the Ardentes team for the 2019 event. For two years at Universal Music, Marie has been developing international and local projects in Belgium.

Alix Hammond-Merchant has been an artists’ manager since 2015 and has worked as an agent for Naff label & management since 2018. She is also one of the Music Commission experts for the French-speaking part of Belgium.

After studying applied arts and art history, she became Tour & Community manager for a tour group based in Brussels and then became a manager for artists such as Badi, Rokia Bamba, Roza, Gabrielle Verleyen and Crolles.