Iulia Pop & Andreea Bogasiu


Iulia Pop

Iulia has been working in the Romanian music industry for more than 10 years. She is  co-founder of Overground Music, a management, booking and PR agency representing some of the biggest names of the Romanian alternative scene, as well as some of its most promising up-and-coming artists. The agency`s roster includes bands like The Mono Jacks, byron, Robin and the Backstabbers, Lucia, Grimus, Jurjak, Rockabella, Dimitri`s Bats, Eyedrops.  She coordinates the PR, media relations, radio plugin, and social media activities of the agency`s artists and also writes projects for various  financing programs.

Since 2017 Iulia is also co-organiser and Communication Manager of Mastering the Music Business, Romania’s leading music business conference.


Andreea Bogasiu

Andreea has been passionate about music for a long time. She does not sing, but since 2007 she has always been in public at concerts and festivals. In addition to sports, mountain trails, and travel, music, and concerts are a constant part of her life. She collects CDs, pieces of vinyl, she would listen to music non-stop, and her favorite place in the library is the one that gathers books related to music.

She has spent more than 8 active years in the corporation, went through the center and help desk, and finally chose the training field. During all this time, she has developed her skills, explored her creativity, and currently delivers creative trainings on topics such as communication, leadership, coaching, feedback, customer-centricity.

Two years ago, the planets lined up in her favor and she got into the radio world. She loved the experience, started exploring her creativity in other ways, and seriously thought about a change, so now she wants to get past the stage behind her because she knows her place is in the music industry.