Céline Magain & Bérengère Cornez


Céline Magain


Bérengère Cornez

Céline Magain has been co-director of FrancoFaune since 2017, an organization working to promote the French-speaking scene in Belgium and internationally. A true multi-talented
specialist of the French-speaking world in Belgium and well beyond, Céline Magain is an expert in networking between European and Canadian professionals.

Co-president of Court-Circuit and member of the Music Commission, she is also a journalist in her spare time and speaks Czech and Russian.

Berengere is a cultural facilitator. Curious by nature and a woman who thrives on challenges, she becomes involved in projects where her commitment could make a difference. Having worked in the management and programming of the Jazz Station and as a regional director of the Jeunesses Musicales, she has never ceased to be enriched by each encounter and discovery.

Since no meeting is a coincidence, Berengere has made partnerships and networking her strength. The importance of the Human also underpins her professional career and private life and her involvement in various cooperatives is just one of the visible aspects of the attention she pays to the collaborative aspect and the human wealth that surrounds her.