Anamaria Hâncu & Andreea Runceanu


Anamaria Hâncu

Anamaria is the co-founder and board member of “Let’s Do It, Romania!”, the largest social movement in the country, a volunteer project that has gathered, in 11 years, over 1.9 million volunteers who have cleaned Romania.

Anamaria Hâncu is Communications Manager for INNA and Antonia and was a part of the  Global Records  team for almost 10 years.  Global Records is one of the main record labels in Romania that represents top artists such as INNA, Antonia, Carla’s Dreams, The Motans, Irina Rimes, Alina Eremia and others.


Andreea Runceanu

Born into a family of musicians, Andreea Runceanu is a violinist, founding member, and leader of the classical crossover band Amadeus Electric Quartet, to which she has dedicated her entire professional life. She became an independent artist in 2010 – “DIY artist”. Throughout time, the band Amadeus managed to grow a beautiful community of fans from all over the world, held concerts in over 40 countries on four continents. It has over 150 M views on the official Youtube account and released six original music albums – the most recent was released at the end of 2020.